The Bronze Age Axe Collection

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Varna "Old Europe" copper axe of the KGK VI complex.  
Maikop Shaft-hole axe, Maikop culture, Maikop Type I
Bányabükk Shaft-hole axe, type Bányabükk (Carpathian)/Maikop Type II


Steppe (Yamna/Catacomb) Shaft-hole axe  
Ur Shaft-hole axe, Mesopotamia.


Thebes Middle Kingdom crescentic axe, Thebes, Egypt. Total width: 21cm. (model image).
Anchor axe    
Sichem Fenestrated axe, type "D-shape", Sichem. MB I-IIA. 12,6 cm x 7,7 cm, 13 % tin. (model image).
Byblos Fenestrated axe, type "Duck-bill", Byblos. MB I-IIA. (model image)

Flat lugged battle-axe Egypt Middle/New Kingdom  
Kafer Mallik Narrow bladed shaft-hole axe (Miron type I), MB IIA. Length: 13,6 cm. (model image)
Jericho Narrow bladed shaft-hole axe (Miron type II), MB IIA-IIB. Lenth: 15,6cm. (model image)

Apa Disc-butted axe type A2. C. 1600 B.C. (model image)


Apa Shaft-tube axe. C. 1600 B.C. (model image).

Apa Crest-butted axe. C. 1600 B.C. (model image).

Denmark Nordic paalstave, weapon-type.


Chagar Bazar or Beth-Shan Late Bronze Age shaft-hole axe Levant/North Syria/Mesopotamia (Type Chagar Bazar/Beth Shan/Acemhöyük.


Hittite Shaft-hole axe type Firaktin.