The Sword, chapter VII: Riders Coming!

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750-500 B.C. Here comes the story of how the sword was adapted to an entirely new fighting position - the back of a moving horse. It is also the end of the long tale of the bronze sword, and included is also a replica of what might be one of the last bronze swords to have been made before modern replica production. The Våg sword is a swan song for the golden blade, with sweeping ornamentation along the edge, made during the delayed Bronze Age underneath the northen light along the fringes of the Nordic Bronze Age.


The Bronze Age Sword Series includes two replicas from this stage.


(Type Mindelheim, 750-600 B.C.)

Type Mindelheim. Hallstatt period.



(Våg, Norway, 700-500 B.C.)

Nordic variant of the Mindelheim sword. Blade with lenticular cross section, and ornamentation i the late Nordic style. Hilt plates and pommel from polished maple. (the image is a preliminary model-image, the actual sword might differ in finish and minor details). Replica of original. Price:



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